Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Upcoming Releases

I won't lie to you, I haven't been to the movies in quite some time. With school and life getting busier by the second, it is getting harder and harder to find the time to get out and watch new releases to review for my blog. So rather than try to trick all you clever people into thinking I saw something recently, I am dedicating this week's blog to talking about upcoming releases that I am looking forward to. The spring and summer season is typically "blockbuster season", and with it comes a plethora of movies both good and bad. So lets get on with it.

Scream 4:
I can't really explain to you why I'm so excited for the fourth installment of the "Scream" series.  The first movie was great, the second was o.k and the third was downright awful. However, I have great faith that the fourth movie has the ability to be really good. With some of the original cast returning, such as Courteney Cox, David Arquette and of course Neve Campbell reprising her role as Sydney, this movie will be at the very least a fun watch. Release date: April 15

Red Riding Hood:
This haunting adaptation of the children's fairytale looks equally thrilling and creepy. The movie stars the supremely talented Amanda Seyfried as the title character, as she attempts to solve the mystery of who the big bad wolf really is. If I'm being entirely honest, I can't wrap my head around what this movie is really about after watching the trailer. However, I'm a huge fan of Amanda Seyfried and it can't be any worse than "Letters to Juliet".Release date: March 11

Your Highness
This movie looks like pure, unadulterated fun. I find it even more amusing that Natalie Portman, recent Academy Award winner and James Franco, recent Academy Award nominee, are two of the film's stars. This movie looks like a good bet if you are looking for some laughs. My only concern is that it will fall into the classic comedy pitfall where all the best jokes are in the trailer. Regardless, I can't wait to see it when it comes out. Release Date: April 8. Content warning: The trailer below has nudity and graphic language. Viewers, be warned.

There you have it. I promise, by next week I will have gotten myself to a theater for another review.


  1. I really want to see Red Riding Hood. I agree with you Courtney, I'm not really sure of the whole plot after watching the trailer but I'm still intrigued. It looks dark and edgy. The original Little Red Riding tales weren't meant for children and were very dark and twisted, so this movie seems to be going back to that theme.

  2. I heard that Scream 4 will have unique death scenes, beyond the slash of the infamous knife. When I heard it was coming out I was nervous that it would reprise the franchise to the magnitude it had before with the lame costumes and WAZZA. But I think, because it's almost 15 years since the first one that there will be some sophistication surrounding it.

  3. I haven't been to the movies in a really long time either. Your Highness looks like a really sweet movie though, that's one that I would see over the others. I know that for Red Riding Hood, it's the same producer who did Twilight, so to me I can see it being another version of that, which doesn't appeal to me because it has already been done :)

  4. I think out of the three, I would most likely watch Your Highness, simply to satisfy my lady crush of Zooey Dechanel. She is so purdy *sigh*

  5. As a movie fanatic, I'm excited to see all three movies. I love all the leading ladies in each of the movies. I especially love Natalie Portman; there is just something about her. But your right Rachel, Zooey DeChanel is one pretty lady.

    A movie you didn't mention that I'm super excited to see is Fast Five. Paul Walker and Vin Diesel are among the star studded cast. I just mentioned it since you are talking about upcoming releases.

  6. After watching the trailer for Red Riding Hood I think it is a must-see. I'm not exactly sure how the story will translate into a movie, but it looks intriguing and dark in a fascinating sort of way. Plus I love Amanda Seyfreid!

  7. I agree with you, trying to find time to go to the movies is getting harder and harder. I think I will try to see Your Highness and Red Riding Hood, they both look interesting. But I’ll definitely avoid Scream since I hate horror movies.