Tuesday, January 25, 2011


To say I love movies is an understatement, so when it came time for me to choose a blog topic, the choice was simple. I can't explain why I love movies so much in a way that will be articulate or intelligent, so just trust me when I say I live and breathe Hollywood. Ever since I was a little girl I tortured family members watching and re-watching movies over and over (my particular favorite was Aristocats which I made my Nana watch with me a record breaking 6 times in one day). My favorites were always Disney movies, and 18 years later I can't say much has changed. However, my tastes have also broadened to encompass other types of film so before you hit the "unfollow" button let me reassure you I will try to not dedicate every posting to Disney.

The last three and a half years of my life were spent at Brock University honing my passion into something that might actually be useful to me. I took as many film classes possible and learned to critically analyze every single aspect of a movie. Two things I learned: Everything in the frame always symbolizes something profound no matter how insignificant it may seem, and almost every movie has phallic imagery SOMEWHERE (Thanks Professor Henderson). As such I think I have gotten pretty good at critically analyzing film. I'm no film critic, but I think I have some interesting insights and I hope you agree!